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The world-famous chainring used by Olympic and World Championship medalists. Stiffer than any other track chainring, and most reliable, smooth, straight chainring.

P.C.D. : 144mm
Chain Size : 1/2"x1/8"
Chainring size : 44T, 45T, 46T, 47T, 48T, 49T, 50T, 51T, 52T, 53T, 54T, 55T, 56T, 57T, 58T
Color : Silver / Black

The name ZEN comes from Japanese "禅". The use of ZEN meditation will reduce stress and increase the power of concentration through emptying the mind of thoughts, which gives you significant performance gain. We named it ZEN in the hope that it will help you to obtain results you desire.

*Please note that large chainrings may touch the chain stay.
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